Employees are the most important resources of the company, and therefore it makes sense to focus on their job satisfaction. Satisfied employees perform better, have less sickness absenteeism and are less prone to quit the job. Companies with satisfied employees have less expenditure on training and higher customer satisfaction.

SurveyWire Employee Satisfaction Survey provides an accurate picture of the job related areas that have greatest influence on employee satisfaction and loyalty. With the Employee Satisfaction Survey it becomes clear, what should be the main focus areas, which makes it easier to prioritize between them.

SurveyWire uses standardized, well tested and approved models for Employee Satisfaction Surveys (ESS) based on Scandinavian cultural mind set. Our ESS model contains a number of themes or dimensions concerned about well being and socio psychological work place environment. These are:

• Influence on your work
• Social support
• Meaning in your work
• Predictability in your work
• Reward
• Job demands  

We investigate these six dimensions in our surveys and analyze how great an influence they have on job satisfaction and well being in order to prioritize the effort towards improving the overall satisfaction and loyalty.

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