Stress Model

Measure of The Employee’s Stress LevelAs an add-on to SurveyWire’s Employee Satisfaction Survey it is an obvious choice to implement our Stress Model; the Stress model looks at job demands compared to control. According Karasek, R., & Theorell, T. (1990) high job demands in itself is not a problem and stress provoking if you have control of your job; in fact it is quite the opposite. When employees meet high job demands with a high level of control the high demands are welcomed as developing and fulfilling, not at all stress provoking; it's when the employees do not have control of their work that stress will be likely to appear.

Job demands are measured both physically and psychologically. Physically it’s measured in the amount of work that the employees have, the work place and whether or not the work tend to cluster. The psychological demands are measured by the employee’s ability to concentrate, to work fast or to relate to difficult feelings.

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